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[Ham-80211] Application idea for high speed amateur networking

Marlon K. Schafer (509-982-2181) ooe at odessaoffice.com
Thu Sep 29 16:02:11 UTC 2011

Hi Dan,

Finally, a question I can help with!!!!  grin

That sounds like a really cool project, love to know a bit more about it 
(ie: could we use it for our town's promotion efforts etc.).

Anyway, the FIRST thing you want to do is make sure there are no WISPs 
operating up there.  OR worse yet, cell or government types running 2.4ghz. 
It sucks to constantly fight interference issues, especially these days when 
it's so easy to keep that from happening.

Next, I'd HIGHLY recommend using a more professional grade of hardware. 
It's pretty cheap these days.  Your system will be easier to install and 
will likely be much more reliable than it will be with the Linksys gear.

Ubiquity has some all in one units that will work nicely for your 
application and won't blow anyone's budget.  I'd suggest using something in 
the 5ghz band as it's got more than 2x the spectrum available so you'll have 
a much easier time with interference issues etc.

The gear that a WISP would normally use will have the antenna and radio all 
in one enclosure and you just run cat5 cable to the unit.  The only "down 
side" for you is that it won't be possible to have less than 5 to 20 megs of 
capacity vs. the 100k you are looking for.  I guess you could install 
cameras, feed your house via the local WISP etc. in addition to your primary 
goal :-).

have fun, call if you have questions.

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From: "Dan" <ke7tbb at gmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 9:54 PM
Subject: [Ham-80211] Application idea for high speed amateur networking

> Hello all
> I live in las Vegas and am constructing what I call the QST Machine. Think 
> of it as an information kiosk for hams that aren't familiar with the town. 
> It runs like an automated phone system. Touch tone 1 for ...... Touch 2 
> for.... Touch 3 for Newsline. Ect.
> It will be on a remote mountain-top for good coverage. Being computer 
> controlled, I need a link to upload new menu options, Newsline and more. 
> At least 50 to 100 Kbps. I have been messing around with a couple old 
> wrt54g's hacked out with DD-WRT. I love them with the new firmware! I have 
> not, however gotten around to trying to shoot the 7 mile path between the 
> mountain and me. I have most of the necessary equipment including dishes. 
> Just a matter of time.
> Any questions, comments, concerns, discussions?
> Dan
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