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[Ham-80211] Application idea for high speed amateur networking

Larry Levesque ka1vgm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 16:49:03 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 11:21:30AM -0500, Joe S. Borovetz wrote:
> On 9/29/2011 11:02 AM, Marlon K. Schafer (509-982-2181) wrote:
> >
> >>Hello all
> >>I live in las Vegas and am constructing what I call the QST
> >>Machine. Think of it as an information kiosk for hams that
> >>aren't familiar with the town. It runs like an automated phone
> >>system. Touch tone 1 for ...... Touch 2 for.... Touch 3 for
> >>Newsline. Ect.
> >>It will be on a remote mountain-top for good coverage. Being
> >>computer controlled, I need a link to upload new menu options,
> >>Newsline and more. At least 50 to 100 Kbps. I have been messing
> >>around with a couple old wrt54g's hacked out with DD-WRT. I love
> >>them with the new firmware! I have not, however gotten around to
> >>trying to shoot the 7 mile path between the mountain and me. I
> >>have most of the necessary equipment including dishes. Just a
> >>matter of time.
> >>Any questions, comments, concerns, discussions?
> This application would seem to me to be close to broadcasting which
> is not legal.
> Also, watch out for the Ubiquity radios....the FCC is starting to
> target users of those radios and is handing out citations....I know
> this to be a fact from someone who received a citation.
> Joe

As with any RF application, be sure you are transmitting on the correct
frequencies and using the correct power. That includes figuring in for
any gain antennas.

Most of the Ubiquity violations have been for using an unauthorized
frequency (around 5.40GHz)that falls into a radar band that most airports use.

Larry Levesque

"If you continue to use Windows, your system may become unstable" --BSOD

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