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[Ham-80211] Providing Long-range Wifi

Chriswlan2 chriswlan2 at linnixislands.com
Tue Aug 28 18:13:40 UTC 2012

Hi Jim:

Like I said, if the obstruction is quite close to your antenna, then, relatively speaking it occupies a much much bigger percent of the Fresnel, which is so much smaller close-in, and then it takes very little... If an option, moving the antenna just a few feet (even up/down) might help.

I constantly use a little GPS, as accurately as I can, set up with a "route" between the 2 end points, and then walk it, watching how "left/right" I am. No easy for the GPS, as we are in obstructions to begin with. I even set up some quick markers on the ground, in clear GPS spots, so I can visually look back into the trees... We are talking feet here.


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  Struggling with a 14km link myself. I have a shot down a valley which almost works (or works much of the time). Using a 39" parabolic with a Mikrotik Groove. Suspect multipath issues and a few trees in the fresnel zone. Getting closer on identifying the trees. Switching polarity may help.

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