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[Ham-80211] Providing Long-range Wifi

Marlon K. Schafer (509-982-2181) ooe at odessaoffice.com
Tue Aug 28 18:29:09 UTC 2012

That depends really.

Is this for public or laptop type access or is it for moving data from one 
part of town to another?


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> We may have "priority", but in reality it is just on paper.
> Getting the users already there to shut down or move would pretty much be
> impossible.
> You should look at another band besides 2.4
> Ralph N4NEQ
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> Subject: [Ham-80211] Providing Long-range Wifi
> I am working with our local EMA to be able to provide wifi internet access
> at disaster scenes and special events in our county.  I have read articles
> where people have achieved long distances over line of sight paths. But in
> our case, line of sight may not always be possible, due to rolling 
> terrain,
> trees, buildings etc.  I have a 29 db gain dish on my tower at 90 feet. 
> The
> idea is to aim it at the required location, and use a portable gain 
> antenna
> at the other end (maybe 24 db at 40 feet) for a point-to-point link, and
> then relaunch wifi locally for on-the scene laptops etc.  We plan to
> experiment with this as soon as we have the necessary equipment on hand.
> The thought is to use wifi channel 1 or 2, as that is where hams are
> priority users in the frequency allocations.  We would like to use as much
> power as possible, but the cost of commercial units may limit that to a 
> watt
> or so.  25 miles would be adequate.
> Also wondering how hams typically send their callsign ID for wifi
> applications.
> Suggestions and comments would be most welcome.
> Bob W8ERD
> Delaware County, Ohio
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