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[Ham-80211] (no subject)

Dan Nezgoda ke7tbb at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 06:24:06 UTC 2012

Hello all

My Name is Dan, a Junior in high school. I am organizing a few radio
amateurs here in Las Vegas, NV to coordinate a HSMM-Mesh network.

Similar but not to be confused with WIFI, this hardware software
combination would allow amateur radio operators to connect computers
at multi-megabyte speeds over amateur microwave bands.

This network could be used for:
>VoIP (Echolink, AllStar, IRLP, D-STAR, Skype, ect.)
>Video (Digital Amateur Television a.k.a. DATV, video conferencing)
>Data (e-mail and internet, remote control, packet, ect.)

It would be a ham radio internet or hinternet for short. Here is a video:


It is a mesh network, meaning that a station will automatically
connect and relay data to other stations. Every station acts as a
repeater, extending the coverage of the mesh network. In other words
"The more the merrier!" All you need is that old wireless router
laying around!

I think Southern Nevada would be a good environment for this new and
exciting facet of ham radio because of its population of active Hams,
its geography, and its publicity (NAB, CES, IWCE, VoIP Conference,

Young kids already know how to steal the neighbors WIFI, this new kind
of operation would attract them. Kids at my school aren't interested
in voice, CW, or Packet. But show them a modern computer and they got
it down pat! Just think, your son or daughter probably has all the
right skills, minus the Amateur license!

To learn more: http://hsmm-mesh.org/just-starting-read-this.html

If you like EMCOMM, Linux, microwave, VoIP, repeaters, ATV then you
should join the Southern Nevada group. We have antennas, equipment,
expertise, and a plan. All we need is You!

SN-HSMM-Mesh-subscribe at yahoogroups.com


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