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[Ham-80211] Ham VoIP??? Re: Providing Long-range Wifi

Chriswlan2 chriswlan2 at linnixislands.com
Mon Sep 3 08:54:51 UTC 2012

Juss thinking:

Has anybody got in mind the details of the legalities of using SIP VoIP on
Ham microwave bands, like 2.4 etc? For all-ham use as well as for phone
patches? In-city rag-chewing? I have a couple of 10km wifi SIP intercom
links that work great in a quiet very remote location. One end is actually
"patched" into a telco line with a Sipura 3102/Obi110...

I never really thought of that one before. Emergency work and "phone
patches" go together, right? Why not SIP?


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