[hfsig] Re: [Packrats] The final nail in the coffin of Morse?

David Willmore willmore at optonline.net
Wed Jul 20 19:58:21 CDT 2005


Hardly! :)  As far as the Packrats go--being a VHF+ group,
this changes nothing--as tech minuses like myself have the
same rights and privs as an extra on these bands.  Now,
for HFSIG, this is a great thing as it will only bring more
operators to HF who are interested in digital modes.  I'm
sure the guys on the CW lists aren't as happy, but no reason
for the Packrats and HFSIG to lose sleep.

And just because it's not needed of a license has no effect
on what it's useful for.  CW didn't change. ;)

I, for one, am finally going to be able to operate the digital
modes that I, until now, have only been able to work with in
an academic sense.  Yeah!


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