[hfsig] Re: [Flexradio] The final nail in the coffin of Morse?

Trevor AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 11:52:59 CDT 2005

--- Anthony.N.Martin at seleniacomms.com wrote:
> Note that the CEPT are planning a new intermediate class of
> amateur licence for international recognition & roaming.
> It would be nice for the US to have forethought and look
> to align it's licence structure at this juncture with the

I presume it will mean that the Techician Class will all become General Class.

There's already some similarity between USA and UK licence structures. 

- US Advanced/Extra exam technically equates to UK Advanced(Full)
- US General/Technician exam equates to UK Intermediate
  (Except US General/Tech's get to run 1.5 Kilowatts instead of the 50 watts
   Intermediates have in the UK!) 

The US currently has no equivalent to UK Foundation. Their equivalent used to
be called the US Novice (it was so easy even 5 year olds managed to pass it)
The US Novice was scrapped by the FCC several years ago. It's users were
permitted to run 200 watts on segments of the HF and VHF bands.

Regarding the CEPT "Novice Class" currently being introduced. The steps to do
this were put in train many years ago before Foundation existed. Several CEPT
administrations now wish to instroduce a 3rd licence class into CEPT which
would equate to UK Foundation.

73 Trevor M5AKA
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