[hfsig] The final nail in the coffin of Morse ?

Thu Jul 28 08:07:04 CDT 2005

You have covered two topics here...on the CW issue which the FCC released an
NPRM the majority of which was NOT based on the ARRL's proposal.

The second issue is the Bandwidth Issue which the ARRL is going to submit a
proposal to the FCC to, amoung other things, limit the bandwidth to 3.5 KHz
below 29 MHz.

I, like you, feel the same way about CW...I copy CW in my head at 10-15 WPM
if you don't throw too many numbers at me.  Hi Hi...but don't believe it
should be a "filter".

But the bandwidth issue, if the FCC follows the ARRL's proposal will
virtually kill expansion of data modes in the U.S.  Every user of data modes
should contact their ARRL Division Director and let htme know exactly how
they feel about the ARRL's proposal.  Then if the Division Director doesn't
agree with your thoughts, feel free to run against him/her or get some one
to that holds your point of view about bandwidth limitations on HF modes.


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Its high time you found out how your ARRL Division director voted on the 
ARRL bandwidth proposal...if they voted for 3.5 KHz, it might be time to 
think about replacing the director with one that is more forward 
thinking...or as you see things.


[W6AFK] I agree... and I am vocal about it ;-)  After playing with many 
different modes (and yes, I still like CW and I can cruise at 20+ wpm, with 
30+ bursts during FD).  I decided to specialize myself in HF Data 
communications. For me, ham radio should be a hobby where one can freely 
experiment with different modes and technologies. 

This being said, I have no objections seeing Morse code removed as a 
mandatory requirement. As I mentioned above, I love morse code. However, I 
will not impose this upon others. Believing that morse code is a "filter" 
to help preserve our ham bands from rogue "appliance users" is just plain 
ludicrous. All one has to do is listen to the cacophony one many ham 
frequencies to see that morse code did not stop these "amateurs" (sic)  
from annoying us ;-)  

Ham radio needs to move into the 21st century and encourage experimentation 
of new modes without government (or lobbyist) intervention. We have a lot 
to offer and IMHO, we will not be able to successfully entice a sufficient 
number of new generation of hams by forcing them to learn a quasi-obsolete 
mode (flames away ;-). CW is fun... as long as it is not force fed.

Bruno, W6AFK/VE2EQ
Oceanside California
Grid: DM13ie

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