[hfsig] VMSK arisen again in new shape and form?

John Harrison thisisjohn at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 30 16:46:28 CST 2005

The promise of a new revolutionary communications technique far better than 
anything existing, and yet clouded in mystery and secrecy comes from the 
hitherto unknown company XG Technology (www.xgtechnology.com)

I wonder if it is shares origins with the VMSK technique, so successfully 
shot into oblivion by Phil Karn a couple of years ago (www.ka9q.net/vmsk).

I'm a sceptic by nature (especially when something seems to contradict 
nature), and their web site shows all the characteristics of a scam: 
professional surface, impressive references, secret methods, no third-party 
testing, still in lab and the promise to revolutionalize the world.

But what do I know. Maybe it works....


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