[hfsig] Question from Clueless Newbie

Anthony.N.Martin at selex-comms.com Anthony.N.Martin at selex-comms.com
Mon Oct 3 11:00:46 CDT 2005

> Assuming there are no terminal to terminal bandwidth problems,
> is there a way to "capture" the sound cards at both ends once
> the link is established via Echo Link
> and switch them to a higher-bandwidth codec?
> I need to stream at least 20 kHz- 40 would be better,
> and the ability to switch between these rates would
> make it really sweet.

Unlikely I'm afraid.

The data sent over the internet is not 64kbit/s raw
samples in anycase, it's compressed speech. I don't
know offhand what codec it uses, but it's below
32kbits/s. The echolinux source would probably tell you.
(the GSM codec is in there).

Echolink is closed-source but hacking with the linux source
may allow you to achieve what you need if you control both
ends of the link.

OTOH you could probably hack something up that streams
samples over the net in an hour with TCL/TK and Snack
and it would work on every OS going.

I suggest you join the Echolink yahoo group for discussions
of echolink. But it is not restricted to technical development
issues so the volume of posts is high as there is a large user

Echolink has a plug-in interface but I'm not au-fait
with what can be done with it; such as invoke an external
program to stream samples. I'm pretty sure it can offer
the IPs of connected stations though.

I assume you're trying to stream a chunk of the HF or LF
spectrum so that you could use something like PSK31 remote
or monitor beacons.


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