[hfsig] So you think you can't loose the Internet...

Fri Sep 2 12:11:10 CDT 2005

For those who think that you can't loose the Internet...see this URL.


This may be only a little slice of the pie; but from where I sit, I can see
the majority of the military network and a huge portion of the Internet
itself being taken down for days, perhaps even weeks at a time.

The Coast Guard has Mil-STD-188-110 modems and HF on some vessels and a few
aircraft as well as at some shore stations...at least they used to.  The
last I heard they weren't using it because it wasn't robust enough nor fast
enough to meet anything but their very minimum needs.

So why do hams think that that PSK31 is "enough", fast enough or Pactor III
is robust enough to meet even our amateur radio basic needs?

There is a GREAT need for a high speed (many pages of output per minute),
robust (works down near the noise floor) data mode as well as an equally
robust digital voice mode.  A digital data mode that can be the center of a
nation-wide messaging system that does not use the Internet.

My only comment is that what ever we do, we MUST do quickly.  We must prove
to ourselves and hams across the nation that we can provide high-speed,
robust HF data and digital voice modes.

There are those out there that can do this...we need to do it and if there
are special legal requirements, then they need to be identified.  If there
are technical specification within Part 97 now or that might be in the
future, we need to identify them and show, either by actual demonstration or
technical papers, that we cannot provide what is needed with current or
future legal/technical restrictions.

I still believe that specific and reasonable short term and long term goals
for throughput and robustness will help focus our efforts on an end product.
This has certainly been shown to work in the past.

I am sending to several lists as this needs to be a concerted effort.

As Bill O'Reilly says..."What say you."

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