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I agree with Ken that Phil Karn has written about many of the pertient
issues a long time ago. Johan Forrer's website
(http://www.johanforrer.net/) also has a lot of information on HF
datacomms, including links to a GPL'd HF channel simulator.

So far, we've figured out that a new protocol should have the
following attributes:

1. Software defined solution, as much as possible
2. True transparent data transfer, unrestricted alphabet (8 bit binary)
3. Scalable solution, able to use more or less bandwidth as available
4. Physical/Link layer protocol only, independent of network layer
5. Adaptive link layer
6. Obey the end-to-end principle (http://www.ka9q.net/library.html)
7. Platform independent
8. Soft decision decoder (i.e. Viterbi, Fano, Turbo)

On 2/26/07, Ken Koster <n7ipb at wetnet.net> wrote:
> This won't be new to many here but Phil Karn's proposal from somewhere
> around 1994 should be required reading.
> http://www.ka9q.net/dsp.html
> See the section titled 'New Link Layer Protocols' near the end.
> In particular the discussion of convolutional codes and the ability to
> provide for variable rate puncturing.
> I'm not suggesting that Phil's proposal is what we should be going with
> (aside from the fact that it was never completed) but the techniques
> he discusses are all relevant.
> Ken, N7IPB
> EC/RO, Skagit County, WA
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