[hfsig] Re: Call for comments on open protocols

Hank Greeb hgreeb at one.net
Tue Feb 27 16:57:31 CST 2007

Okay, lettuce engage in ARRL bashing.

It seems that there's a bunch of folks who will bash the ARRL if it 
doesn't do something.  If it tries to do something.  If it actually does 

I see this extends to the folks within the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio 

Nice going folks. 

Will there ever be a time when folks stand up and say, "congrats and a 
jolly rah rah!" for something which is accomplished by organized radio?

Or, are we all a bunch of egotistical lids who want ONLY our pet project 
and OUR perspective to be recognized, and damn the masses?

73 de n8xx Hg
Co-Organizer of the 2nd thru 20th Annual SW Ohio Digital Symposium
Middletown, Ohio
2nd Saturday of January (typically) each year for the past 21 years.

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