[hfsig] WSPR module -- fit on Pi board

Orrin Winton orrin.winton at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 13:53:12 CDT 2016

Hi folks, Orrin WN1Z here in northeast Calif... just received my wspr board
from tapr.

It looks like the heat sink on the RPi cpu is blocking insertion of the
wspr board. I could peel off that heatsink, or i could get another Pi to
dedicate to wspr.

Or is there an extension available -- like stilts -- that will allow the
wspr board to stand above the heatsink? If so, does anyone have a part
number to search for, or even the correct name for the "stilts"?

Also does the wspr board seat all the way to the left on the 40-pin header.

Thanks for comments. This is going to be a blast. Recently got back into
psk-31 and jt65, with indoor mag loops only, and am seeing results on
pskreporter.info... looks like wsprnet.org is the one for reporting wspr?

73 de wn1z
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