[hfsig] command line -- running wsprryPi with the ha7dcd board

Orrin Winton orrin.winton at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 20:17:15 CDT 2016

Zoltan and friends, well i got my QRPi board from TAPR, and today i got the
extender to raise it above my heatsink.

Looking at your guide, Zoltan, and comparing it to the README file by J.
Peroulas, here are my questions Zoltan:

1) is the board solely for 20 meters? I imagine it is, but i see in your
"example command to start TX" that you end the line with '10m'.

2) should the gridsquare be six characters? Or just the first 4?

3) okay the '20' you have there means 20dBm? Can you estimate how many
milliwatts that is? I am a bit new to 'dBm' usage. (I use it on DMR
repeaters but don't know how it applies here.)

4) If i am going to operate it on 20 meters, do i just put '20m' at the
end, or do i put '14095600'? (That is the freq given on the wsprnet.org
tracking page.)

5) Will the program take care of shifting the transmit freq (to dodge QRM)?

So i have a command line of (please correct me):

sudo. /wspr -r -o -s WN1Z CN90PJ 20 14095600

(I know the dot is attached to the / but my android keeps moving it, sorry)

Beginner's questions, thanks for comments es 73 de wn1z

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