[hfsig] RPi2B with the tapr board ...

Orrin Winton orrin.winton at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 15:54:49 CST 2016

Have been running a Pi 2B with the 20m 'hat' on wspr for months. Am getting
about 80-90 mW out, which is fine.

Am thinking of seeing what my little HF amplifier can do to boost the
signal to a watt or two. Certainly no more than that. (At this point i
don't know if 85mW is enough to be boosted by my external amp. I want to

The amp requires PTT keying.

Does anyone know if one of the unused pins on the Pi header becomes
grounded on transmit, to use it as a PTT?

Or becomes +5V to set off a reed relay.

Thanks for any comments.

Orrin WN1Z.
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