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[linux] LinLink

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Wed Aug 4 20:20:50 UTC 2004

dubose at texas.net wrote:
> FYI.
> Walt/K5YFW
> Name:  LinLink
> Purpose:  An Open Source Enhanced Digital Messaging for Amateur Radio Utilizing 
> Source Code From Previously Release Amateur Radio Open Source Applications .
> Mission:  Provide to Amateur Radio Operators and emergency service and disaster 
> relief organizations with a low or no cost system utilizing enabling 
> technologies and sound operating practices to provide a full-featured radio 
> digital message transfer system with attachments, map & text-based position 
> reporting such as Xastric, graphic & text-based weather bulletin services such 
> as developed by Texas A&M Univ. Packet based on AX.25 and AX.25 BBS 
> applications such as JNOS and Q15X25. An MTA using existing RFC compliant 
> standards and an HF mode using current highspeed, robust computer sound card 
> applications such as MT63 and Q15X25.

umm. why try to inject life into long and deservedly dead technologies? 
  packet radio stuff is really pretty bad and if you look back at 
computer network history, I think that you will find that something like 
UUCP would actually serve us better given the nature of RF links and 
transmitters.  as far as I can say,ham radio equipment is not suited to 
full duplex packet oriented networks.  the exception being use of 
commercial gear (i.e. wifi) on amateur frequencies

uucp, sendmail and pop-3/imap for the local to computer end-user/nonham 
folks.  that would make a better solution that something packet based 
and BBSs.  I mean, the last time I use the BBS was when I had 1200 baud 

packet is dead, let it rest in peace please!


Speech recognition in use.  It makes mistakes, I correct most

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