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[linux] LinLink

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu Aug 5 03:29:38 UTC 2004

Rob Roschewsk wrote:
> Problem arises with how to route it??? At one point I think we tried
> coordinating IP addresses and figured we would route in a particular

> So I think reasonable goals are a data rate of 56Kbs for mobile and 1Mbs for
> base stations.
> Thoughts????

take a look at the community networking/mesh networking projects out 
there.  They have some fairly advanced routing protocols to handle is 
very problem.  It was a conference recently at Microsoft talk about mesh 
networks including a very interesting talk about a very cheap 
electrically steerable antenna.

there's a lot of work out their solving this very problem.  We would be 
foolish to not take advantage.


Speech recognition in use.  It makes mistakes, I correct most

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