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[linux] LinLink

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Thu Aug 19 22:14:59 UTC 2004


There are a number of differences...one LinLink does not have a basic
reliance on the Internet and uses it only if it is available and if it
is judged to be appropriate.  LinLink is based on message delivery to
stations "registered" to take message traffic for specific USPS Zip

Also, we will be using a sound card robust, high speed, HF modem.

The source code will be open to anyone who has the skills and desires to
tweak it, change it or write something completely different using the
source code.  However, we are suggesting a "standard" NTS/ARES version
so everyone will be singing off the same music during a communications

We also want to release a version that will run strickly from a CD.  The
idea is that an individual visits a web site and inputs his station
information, and a CD "ISO" image is prepred for the individual to
download and "burn" to a CD.  This means that whatever IBM based PC he
works with for communications and especially emergency communications
will be able to work with the hams CD.

We intend to have only one program to perform all functions.  There will
not be separate modules ot programs to load.  You have all functions,
HF, V/UHF, WiFi, Internet inputs/outputs all on one program.


wchast at utilpart.com wrote:
> dubose at texas.net wrote:
> > LinLink
> ........... Is it similar to WinLink 2000? These guys have been working
> this hard here in Florida, I worked with it a bit during the storm, it
> appeared to be quite impressive. I guess the idea would be to have some-
> thing that both of them will interoperate with. I am no lover of Windows
> but seems these guys are on to something, even if it is on a OS that is
> a house of cards.
> This is the link to their site
> http://winlink.org/
> Chuck Hast
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