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[linux] LinLink

John bigjohn45 at cox.net
Thu Aug 19 22:49:19 UTC 2004


One suggestion on the CD only idea would be to include a way to mount the 
floppy drive if present.  In many situations one of the key advantages of 
digital is the permanent record of traffic passed. Given the fact that a 
floppy will hold a fair amount of pure text it should be sufficient for 
most tasks and easily changed if full. Being able to maintain an archival 
record can be very valuable.

>We also want to release a version that will run strickly from a CD.  The
>idea is that an individual visits a web site and inputs his station
>information, and a CD "ISO" image is prepred for the individual to
>download and "burn" to a CD.  This means that whatever IBM based PC he
>works with for communications and especially emergency communications
>will be able to work with the hams CD.
>We intend to have only one program to perform all functions.  There will
>not be separate modules ot programs to load.  You have all functions,
>HF, V/UHF, WiFi, Internet inputs/outputs all on one program.

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