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[linux] Linux/Packet Programming Question

Robert Donnell kd7nm at pugetsound.net
Tue Aug 24 19:35:42 UTC 2004

Hi Brett, and all,
The "defined" KISS command to cause TNCs supporting other serial interface regimes to exit KISS mode is to send the following sequence of bytes out the serial port - hex representation:  0xFF 0xC0 0xFF.  That means your serial data transmission routines have to be 8-bit pure, and the serial port opened in 8-bit no-parity mode.  I know AEA recognized this command (as an ex-AEA tech support person) and it appears Kantronics also supports this, as I just recently performed an exit of KISS by using 'echo' to send these bytes to a KPC 3 Plus.  
It's possible too that you have a hardware handshaking issue, if you don't have the usual CTS/RTS/DSR/DTR signals connected in your serial cable.  I don't happen to know if Kantronics automatically enforces or ignores hardware flow control when in KISS mode.  I do know that AEA's TNCs enforce hardware flow control, in spite of recollection that the KISS specification stating or recommending that no flow control be used or supported.
Hope that helps!
73, Bob, KD7NM

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