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[linux] Take a Stand

dubose at texas.net dubose at texas.net
Wed Oct 6 20:39:55 UTC 2004

I think that TAPR is a perfect organization to take a couple of stands in 
Amateur Radio.
First I think that someone, and it might as well be TAPR, should make it 
perfectly clear that the computer is a perfectly good and useful tool in the 
amateur radio tool kit...the computer today in amateur radio is as am important 
tool as the "bug" was to CW and amateur radio prior to WWII.
Second, I believe that TAPR is the perfect promoter of open source operating 
systems and amateur radio applications.  Unless more hams start using computers 
and "hacking" code, equivalent to hacking WWII surplus radio equipment, we will 
get lost in the technological expressway.
Last, I think its important for someone to look at using IPv6 for amateur radio 
use since so much of our data communications as well as VoIP can and should use 
IP addresses.
Just a few thoughts from those I put forth at the DCC and I am putting them 
in "print" now.
73 and GUD DX.

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