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[linux] RE: Take a Stand

Bill Sinbine n4xeo at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 8 23:40:51 UTC 2004

At 07:28 PM 10/8/2004, you wrote:
>Maybe I'm missing the point here or maybe not.
>What little I understand about the new IPv6 address structure is
>that it will give more addresses for usage.
>What is wrong with what we do have under the older APMERnet addresses?
>Don't we still have plenty of room there to do what we want to do and assign
>one to each and every ham in the world based on them being licensed?
>James W8ISS

Is the amprnet addresses still in use?????  I have one and haven't been 
able to use it in years or get any information on it. Yes there are plenty 
of addresses to use but several of us can't figure how to use them any more!!!
  When you go to the web site it is still there but way out of date!!!

Think about it .....
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Bill Sinbine
n4xeo at bellsouth.net 

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