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[linux] RE: Take a Stand

Jeff King jeff at aerodata.net
Sat Oct 9 01:35:15 UTC 2004

Kinda tells ya something there....

We have 10's of thousands of 44 ampr net addresses we are not using...and my 
guess 95% of the assigned ones are currently unused.

Now, there might be good reasons to get a IPv6 block, but at this point in 
time it most certainly has little to do with hams actually running tcp/ip 
over radio. And I'm not even sure there is a need for this, as from a routing 
perspective, it sure doesn't make any sense, assuming you still linked into 
the internet proper. 


On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 19:28:25 -0400, James French W8ISS wrote:
>Maybe I'm missing the point here or maybe not.
>What little I understand about the new IPv6 address structure is
>that it will give more addresses for usage.
>What is wrong with what we do have under the older APMERnet
>addresses? Don't we still have plenty of room there to do what we
>want to do and assign one to each and every ham in the world based
>on them being licensed?
>James W8ISS
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