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[linux] RE: Take a Stand

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Oct 9 05:22:57 UTC 2004

It also, by virtue of the mobility piece, allows us to connect all those 
little networks to the internet... cleanly.  That's something we never 
achieved really with Net44, because Net44's a Class A space and those 
expect a single point of entry.  Folks who've subverted the process and 
advertised their little piece of Net44, and then thought they did pretty 
well by it, tended to confuse the internet routers out there obeying the 

With an IPv6 allocation, we can operate within the rules and still keep 
connectivity.  Further, if we roam, and register with another network, 
and draw another prefix, the roaming station tells his home system what 
his new address is, and then, when the home system sees a packet for the 
roaming system, it's redirected, and automatically readdressed to the 
correct, current registered address.  Seamlessly.


James French W8ISS wrote:
> OK....
> Maybe I'm missing the point here or maybe not.
> What little I understand about the new IPv6 address structure is
> that it will give more addresses for usage.
> What is wrong with what we do have under the older APMERnet addresses?
> Don't we still have plenty of room there to do what we want to do and 
> assign
> one to each and every ham in the world based on them being licensed?
> James W8ISS
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