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[linux] Callsign coding (was Take a Stand)

jeff at aerodata.net jeff at aerodata.net
Wed Oct 13 19:36:39 UTC 2004

I think you all are wasting your time. Just grab a block for amateur
radio, if you must, but it is nonsense to try and embedded a callsign in
it. The best analogy for the "callsign" would be a MAC address (the
transport layer) and, AFAIK, a IP address could care less about the MAC
address (except in things like DHCP, and then only to assign the same IP
address). The FCC only requires we ident what we actually transmit, not
what we send on the internet.

Me, I just like radio, and I think amateur radio should be working towards
convergence with the real world, not continually trying to set ourselves

If TAPR wants to focus on anything, let it be radio, which has (almost)
been forgotten, is the key part of our hobby.

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