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[linux] Callsign coding (was Take a Stand)

Tom Busch tomb at kiva.net
Thu Oct 14 03:03:27 UTC 2004


Isn't AX.25 callsign the same as X.25 address, in other words: Data Link 

jeff at aerodata.net wrote:

>I think you all are wasting your time. Just grab a block for amateur
>radio, if you must, but it is nonsense to try and embedded a callsign in
>it. The best analogy for the "callsign" would be a MAC address (the
>transport layer) and, AFAIK, a IP address could care less about the MAC
>address (except in things like DHCP, and then only to assign the same IP
>address). The FCC only requires we ident what we actually transmit, not
>what we send on the internet.
>Me, I just like radio, and I think amateur radio should be working towards
>convergence with the real world, not continually trying to set ourselves
>If TAPR wants to focus on anything, let it be radio, which has (almost)
>been forgotten, is the key part of our hobby.
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