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[linux] USB Sound Card

John R. Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Fri Sep 17 15:26:39 UTC 2004

Hi Walt --

USB sound cards work well under Windows -- I've been using a Creative 
Labs "MP3" (what a unique name...) card with my Flex-Radio SDR-1000 with 
good luck.  In fact, a USB card has some advantages over a bus card in 
that it's external to the machine and can pick up less noise.

The MP3 is cheap -- around $60 IIRC.  Creative also has a higher-end 
(and physically much larger) USB device called, I think, the Audigy.  It 
has 24 bit DAC/ADC and is in the ~$150 price range.

I haven't tried using the MP3 under Linux, but I remember Bob McGuire 
saying that he hadn't found any USB card that truly worked "right" under 
Linux.  But I'm not sure how rigorous his definition of "right" might be...


dubose at texas.net wrote:
> Three questions on USB Sound Cards...
> 1) Has any one used a USB Sound Card on Linux?
> 2) Has anyone use a USB Sound Card on MS 8.2 or Suse 9.1?
> 3) Are any USB Sound Cards equal to a SB Live or does the SB Live come as a USB 
> Sound Card?
> Walt
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