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[linux] SUSE 9.1 Install

dubose at texas.net dubose at texas.net
Tue Feb 15 14:18:02 UTC 2005

Someone asked me about using SuSe 9.1 and gMFSK and if OpenOffice had a

Yes, gMFSK runs on SUSE 9.1 however, you might have to load some additional
dependencies.  I believe that I provided these to Tomi or someone on this list
and I don't know if the latest gMFSK download included these dependencies.

I loaded SUSE 9.1 Saturday on an old PIII (Coppermine) 797 MHz machine and in
playing with it, I found that the OpenOffice coming with SuSe 9.1 HAS a spell

I also loaded FireFox and Thunder.  I might try Evolution next.  I will be
loading gMFSK, HFTerm and a number of other ham radio programs this
week if I have time.

For those who might be interested in WinLink, using Firefox, I went to <A
href="ftp://winlink.org" target="_blank">ftp://winlink.org and could real all
the documents at that site...yes, the MS Word 97 - Word 2000, all the
PowerPoint files, RTF files and PDF files.  I didn't find any Excel
spreadsheets but I have one to open tonight.

I noticed on the menu panel, there is a place holder for ham radio
applications.  Sweet.

As far as I can tell, for those who have asked, SUSE 9.1 is as functional as
the HP Laptop running XP on the same desk.

As far as cost, I was "given" the computer and monitor as it was considered by
the owner as junk in his garage that he couldn't sell at his garage sell for
$25.  The computer has 128MB RAM and a 20 GB HDD.

Also, it has W95 that had been upgraded to W98SE and SUSE 9.1 left in intact
using about8 GB and made the machine a beautiful dual boot box.

Went to the above WinLink URL booting on the W98 side and then back to the
Linux side...and MS Office and IE didn't work nearly as well or load
individual applications as fast as SUSE did.  I noticed almost a doubling in
performance except for pring up PPDF files from within Firefox...but I think
that's a configuration problem.

If you haven't tried Linux, try a SUSE Demo CD or take a giant step and load
SUSE 9.1


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