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Stephen - K1LNX k1lnx at k1lnx.net
Tue Aug 14 14:02:18 UTC 2007

Well for me, I want the ability to have all my logs stored in a central
location and be able to easily put the data on my website if need be. I
think it would be cool to have a constant backup of all my logs in a central
location and it would just make sense to store them there to begin with.

Plus, you could add mapping features like Gerry mentioned and easily display
the data on a website if one wanted to (this is one of the reasons I want to
do this)

I know it may seem overkill, but having logs stored in SQL just seems to
make more sense to me, and the database software is free! :P

Not having a lot of experience with databases, I can't say for sure how
taxing it would be on a db, but I can't imagine it would be that intensive


On 8/14/07, Gerry Creager <gerry.creager at tamu.edu> wrote:
> One reason I can envision is to facilitate a callbook lookup and map the
> contacts.  Where was that ZS3 from?  I just don't recall.
> I'm thinking (because it's what I almost always use) PostgreSQL+PostGIS
> with an https front-end and password protection so someone else couldn't
> change my log!
> Haven't done it but it sounds easy enough.  A PostGIS install isn't real
> heavy-weight until you hit a couple of million records... say 25M... and
> then you might notice it.
> gerry
> Martin AA6E wrote:
> > Stephen - K1LNX wrote:
> >> You know, I forgot I was even subscribed to this list until I saw
> >> these messages come across!!!
> >>
> >> So here's a question to stir things up a bit, anyone know of a SQL
> >> based logging system? I really like xlog but this is one thing I wish
> >> was supported..... could take a stab at building my own, but I'm not
> >> much of a coder, more of a hardware/backend kinda guy ;)
> >>
> >> 73's
> >> Stephen
> >> K1LNX
> >
> > Stephen -
> >
> > I don't know of any SQL logging system, but I wonder why anyone would
> > want to use such a heavyweight system. Maybe because it's there on your
> > Linux box?  Or maybe because you think in SQL already.
> >
> > Ham logging (mine, anyway) does not need any serious db features.  A
> > flat CSV file (to use with a spreadsheet like OO.o) would be sufficient.
> >  The complicated part is the front end - capturing the data in an
> > efficient way via a dedicated application, a spreadsheet dialog, or
> > whatever.  You may want some tricky reports later, but they wouldn't tax
> > the db.
> >
> > 73, Martin AA6E
> >
> >
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