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[linux] Quiet Linux List

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Tue Aug 14 14:21:54 UTC 2007

Stephen - K1LNX wrote:
> Well for me, I want the ability to have all my logs stored in a central 
> location and be able to easily put the data on my website if need be. I 
> think it would be cool to have a constant backup of all my logs in a 
> central location and it would just make sense to store them there to 
> begin with.
> Plus, you could add mapping features like Gerry mentioned and easily 
> display the data on a website if one wanted to (this is one of the 
> reasons I want to do this)
> I know it may seem overkill, but having logs stored in SQL just seems to 
> make more sense to me, and the database software is free! :P
> Not having a lot of experience with databases, I can't say for sure how 
> taxing it would be on a db, but I can't imagine it would be that 
> intensive either?

What you are talking about doing really isn't that intensive for a database. 
The cost (and its huge) is generating correct SQL.  I work with SQL roughly once 
every month or two.  It costs me a week every time I get started because I 
forget all the little corner cases that inevitably bite me in the ass.

Stay away from SQL.  It's evil.

Having said that, I recently spoke someone who is working on SQL generator in 
Python that will map Python expressions to a reasonable subset of SQL.  No, it's 
not perfect.  No, it doesn't handle all the corner cases but it will make your 
life far easier than actually using SQL.

There are other relational databases out there (i.e. metakit) that are much 
nicer and I use whenever I have the option.

--- eric
Speech-recognition in use.  It makes mistakes, I correct some.

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