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[linux] Quiet Linux List

Matt Hunter Matt at 1-x.net
Tue Aug 14 14:47:52 UTC 2007

I hate to steal your thunder, but SQL is not evil. It's quite friendly.

If you're dealing with a database picking through 25 million fields of
Texas weather data, then I can see it as a headache.

I'm not a programmer by trade, but it shouldn't be too hard to setup
something with a simple frontend(PHP) and your choice of SQL based DB
for the many fields any ham would want.

Sounds like a weekend project is brewing.

Matt, KB1IKN

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> Stephen - K1LNX wrote:
>> Well for me, I want the ability to have all my logs stored in a
>> central location and be able to easily put the data on my website if
>> need be. I think it would be cool to have a constant backup of all my
>> logs in a central location and it would just make sense to store them
>> there to begin with.
>> Plus, you could add mapping features like Gerry mentioned and easily
>> display the data on a website if one wanted to (this is one of the
>> reasons I want to do this)
>> I know it may seem overkill, but having logs stored in SQL just seems
>> to make more sense to me, and the database software is free! :P
>> Not having a lot of experience with databases, I can't say for sure
>> how taxing it would be on a db, but I can't imagine it would be that
>> intensive either?
> What you are talking about doing really isn't that intensive for a
> database. The cost (and its huge) is generating correct SQL.  I work
> with SQL roughly once every month or two.  It costs me a week every time
> I get started because I forget all the little corner cases that
> inevitably bite me in the ass.
> Stay away from SQL.  It's evil.
> Having said that, I recently spoke someone who is working on SQL
> generator in Python that will map Python expressions to a reasonable
> subset of SQL.  No, it's not perfect.  No, it doesn't handle all the
> corner cases but it will make your life far easier than actually using SQL.
> There are other relational databases out there (i.e. metakit) that are
> much nicer and I use whenever I have the option.
> --- eric

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