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[linux] Building a better mousetrap - replacement for xFBB?

David Lane kg4giy at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 19:51:21 UTC 2008


I have a problem.  I cannot find the libraries necessary to build up xFBB,
so I want to come at it a different way.  Here is what I am trying to

We want a bbs that will store and forward messages via packet or telnet and

1)  a method of sending receiving lists to 1 or more locations

2) be able to automatically forward mail to another node so it goes out on
our emergency management network

3) create a local mailbox for non-national emergencies

4) act as a backup the winlink station without having to use the Internet.

Ideally, this would be built on current (2007-2009) hardware and linux/open
source code.

xFBB was the solution, but the libraries for ax25, lesstif, ls-d and such
are no longer available for the 4.07j version on code earlier than Core 7
and it will not complile on Core 7 or later (I have already sent email to
the xFBB list with the errors and received no response). Someone mentioned
that xFBB is included in a Slackware distro, but I have not been able to
track down that distro.

So I am looking for ideas on how to build a better mouse trap.  The ax.25
and TCP/IP stacks are native in the 2.6 kernel, so I wondering if it is just
a matter of wiring some existing software in a different manner that I
haven't considered (for example, using postfix as the mail agent and
enabling telnet over ax.25).  Sadly, while I understand TCP/IP networking,
the wiring and protocols in the packet side of the house are not so clear to

Our primary packet interface is Outpost and we are being pushed hard to use
Winlink and Airmail which seems counter productive to me.

Thoughts, questions, ideas?


David A. Lane, KG4GIY
EC/RO Prince William County ARES(R)/RACES
IM/Skype: kg4giy
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