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[linux] Help with JNOS2 and tun configuration

Chris kc2rgw at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 23:06:52 UTC 2008

I got JNOS2 compiled and installed but I can't seem to get mail
working and my connectivity for ping etc is not working either.

My local network is

the default gateway is

The following is from my autoexec.nos file

attach tun tun0 1500 0
ifconfig tun0 ipaddress
ifconfig tun0 netmask
ifconfig tun0 mtu 1500
# Give it a chance to come up
pause 1
# JNOS creates the TUN device, so JNOS needs to do some post configuration,
# by shelling out to the linux command line and running 'ifconfig' command.
shell ifconfig tun0 pointopoint mtu 1500 up

I truncated all of the file, but there are no other network related
commands in it

What stupid mistake have I made here?

Any help is appreciated

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