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[linux] AX.25 over raw serial interface

Can Yuce canyuce at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 13:31:41 UTC 2009

Hi, packet radio Hams;

I've been trying to use AX.25 protocol over raw RS-232 serial interface
without using any particular TNC,
soundmodem etc. In my basic configuration, AX.25 protocol is running on a
single PC and through a
standalone HF modem, two PC's each running AX.25 protocols are connected
with a back2back interface
in order to perform experimental issues.

The connection between the PCs and the modems are supplied through RS-232.
Not another data-link
protocol, CRC mechanism, flow control(except standart RS-232 RTS/CTS flow
control mechanism) exist
between the PCs and the modems so in physical layer I don't need to use any
driver as it was used by
Baycom Modem, Kiss interface bla bla... All I want to attain is to route the
AX.25 packets from the PC
to the HF modems over the serial interface. How can I discard the
TNC-specific kernel-drivers and send
the packets by this raw way?

Thanks a lot, sorry for my weak English...

Can Yuce
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