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[nos-bbs] AXIP networking

Gene Mayler - K8EE mayler at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 9 15:49:48 UTC 2007


> > attach axip wa1 256 44.###.###.###  wa7nwp
> For example: this statement has an optional call.  Optional?  If no call
> is provided, then where does the protocol get a call to listen for
> locally, and the requirement for different calls seems harder to
> administer?

This is a case where you can't always believe what someone else
tells you.  My example is not correct.  It is the call sign on your end not
on the distant end.  It should be

attach axip wa1 256 44.###.###.###  k8ee

Even though my example was not correct, I corrected the call with

ifconfig wa1 linkaddress k8ee

If you omit the call, mycall will be used

> > ifconfig wa1 linkaddress k8ee
> There are a couple things about this command.  If this is effective at
> your station, then you have a very basic no-SSID spec in your example,
> and the requirement for unique call at each interface is problematic?
> If on the other hand, this specifies the call you want to be known by at
> the other end of the tunnel then this is a very neat answer to the
> question above.

In my case it is the bbscall.  This command is not necessary if you specifiy
the call  in the attach command.

> I've also drafted other changes to my configuration to permit the
> tunnel. One complication at my site is that my ampr 44... TCP/IP network
> connection is via rf to a neighbor ham, yet I have interest to make this
> tunnel direct to internet here at my station.

You can do an axip tunnel with your neighbor for experimental purposes,
but you already have ax25 connectivity.  It's belt and suspenders.

It seems to me that you ought to set youself up as a gateway, even if it is
only part time.  Then you can play with axip tunnels.  It will really open
whole world to you like you've never known before.

There may be a way to do an axip tunnel without being a gateway.  I'll let
others chime in an that.  That's beyond my pay grade.

> There is more to do - I of course need Bills (and/or your) permission,
> and I need to establish a new pinhole in my firewall.

Fine with me, but I'll need a static IP address from you.

> SO -- you can see why I put out the cry for help?  There remain quite
> a few details to conquer.  I remain more interested in having the wiki
> complete and accurate and less interested in having my station tunnel
> to remote sites...  Both will be nice of course.

Experience is the best teacher.  It's hard to write accurate documentation
without hands on experience.  I hope that you have been referring to the
documentation at

Unfortunately, that doc has not been updated since jnos1.11f, and it
should be.

73, Gene -K8EE

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