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[nos-bbs] AXIP networking

George F. VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Mon Dec 10 01:05:03 UTC 2007

Kewl Gene, makes more sense now.

On Sun, 2007-12-09 at 10:49 -0500, Gene Mayler - K8EE wrote:
> Skip,
> attach axip wa1 256 44.###.###.###  k8ee
> Even though my example was not correct, I corrected the call with
> ifconfig wa1 linkaddress k8ee
> If you omit the call, mycall will be used
You know -- I liked it the other way better somehow...  Consider this:
Access to a particular tunnel requires a unique call ID, the only
uniqueness I can give this ID is with SSID, and so the SSID list becomes
very crowded as you enter more tunnels.

Further -- if mycall is used it is immediately ambiguous so omitting the
call is a no-solution because it violates the uniqueness rules for

HMMM, there must be more to this after all even though progress has been
> It seems to me that you ought to set youself up as a gateway, even if it is
> only part time.  Then you can play with axip tunnels.  It will really open
> up
> whole world to you like you've never known before.
I'm working on the gateway thing, and at this moment there is advantage
to not being one.  However adding the AXIP tunnel does not interfere
with that other project...
> Experience is the best teacher.  It's hard to write accurate documentation
> without hands on experience.  I hope that you have been referring to the
> documentation at
> http://www.langelaar.net/projects/jnos2/documents/manuals/docs111f.zip
> Unfortunately, that doc has not been updated since jnos1.11f, and it
> should be.
You have heard me mention the wiki?  The wiki begins with the jnos1.11
document and extends that effort with many collected works published on
the web since then -- some of them published by Maiko.  So yes, my jnos
efforts are driven by the manual you referenced --> augmented.

[a sales statement] Next time you need a manual, you are invited to the
wiki.  Try the search engine for the subject you are needing info on.
You might like it.  http://jnoswiki.no-ip.org is all you need?

Now that was an exaggeration, but all efforts start with less than they
finish with.
> 73, Gene -K8EE

73   Skip

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