[nos-bbs] Correlating log entries with messages in a mailbox

Michael E Fox (N6MEF) n6mef at mefox.org
Fri May 29 01:00:39 CDT 2015

I'm trying to track some messages through my system and the message IDs
don't seem to match. 


Here's an entry from mail.log:

Thu May 28 20:56:32 2015 queue job 37208 To: wp at ww From:
n1dot%n1dot.me.usa.noam at n6mef.ampr.org
<mailto:n1dot%25n1dot.me.usa.noam at n6mef.ampr.org> 

Thu May 28 20:56:37 2015 deliver: To: allww From:
n1dot%n1dot.me.usa.noam at n6mef.ampr.org
<mailto:n1dot%25n1dot.me.usa.noam at n6mef.ampr.org> 


But when I go to the allww.txt mailbox, there is no 37208.


Looking at the Received: headers, there is an AA37207 and an AA37209.  Based
on the To: and From: address, it looks like the right message is AA37209.
But I can't be certain because there's no unique piece of information that
matches in both the log and the messages.


Looking at several messages, it looks like the log always reports a job
number that is one less than the AA. number in the mailbox.  Very strange.


There ought to be a clear and obvious way to correlate the log entry with
the actual message in the mailbox.  I suppose that could be either the AA.
number in the Received: header (which currently doesn't match) or else add
the Message-Id: header to the log.


Am I missing something?


BTW:  I already asked Maiko to add the Subject: header to the log.  This
would help tracking user messages since the user doesn't see the message-id
but can usually tell you what the subject line was.  But that alone doesn't
help with bulletins which often have generic subject headers like "WP
Update".  So there's got to be a unique identifier in the log that can be
matched to a message.






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