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[picsig] Re : External oscillatior

Dave VanHorn dvanhorn at dvanhorn.org
Sun Mar 27 21:11:04 UTC 2005

In the hobby world, sometime it seems like there is only one 
microcontroller out there.

This sort of thing is one reason that I don't use the pic.
The AVR has no holes in it's SRAM, no pages, tables can be located 
anywhere, and so on.
Vectored ints, most instructions are one xtal clock, no read-modify-write 

I recently did a repeater controller (basic) in a tiny-11, which sells for 

Adjustable COR debounce, ASCII text to CW, ID timer, polite ID, 
programmable multi-note courtesy tone, adjustable timeout timer, adjustable 
hang timer,

That's an 8 pin chip that uses it's internal 1 MHz clock, and needs a 
couple R's to set the tone levels, and a keying transistor to make a basic 
repeater controller.
(or link id'er etc)  The schematic looks more like a 555 project.

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