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[time-freq] Reflock Manual Update

Steven Bible n7hpr at tapr.org
Fri Nov 4 04:00:36 UTC 2005


Sorry for the late reply.  I won't bore you with excuses, it's just been
very busy around here with work, hobby, and family.  Now to get the Reflock
II documention done.

Attached is the latest schematic that matches the PCB you have.  The
Assembly manual I am still working on.  But if you would like to get started
soldering your kits, the surface mount parts pages list the reference
designator for each part.  Match them up on the PCB.  Leave the 0-ohm
resistors for last.  The parts in the bags should be obvious.  If you have
any questions, ask before you solder!

I am attaching a PCB silkscreen layout page (blown up so you can see) to
help with the parts placement.

The next step is configuring the jumpers.  This depends on how you plan to
use your Reflock II.  The firmware that is loaded into the CPLD is on Luis'
web site at http://gref.cfn.ist.utl.pt/cupido/reflock.html.  In the ZIP file
are three sets of files (three different configurations):

r2_flex_01 - Reflock II flexible frequency (configured by the R and N
Divisor jumpers)
r2_refpps_01 - Reflock II 1PPS
r2_enhpps_20 - Reflock II enhanced 1PPS

Each of the files has

*.txt - gives the jumper settings for the configuration
*.pin - gives the pins numbers to the pin names
*.pof - this is the hex file loaded into the CPLD

Programming the CPLD requires a JTAG programmer (a parallel port to 10-pin
header programmer) and the Quartus II PC software (you can download from the
Altera web site).  Altera has programmers they call the USB-Blaster,
ByteBlaster II, ByteBlasterMV or the MasterBlaster.  Each is expensive if
you buy them new.  You can purchase a clone from Minford Technology in
Canada for about US$29.00 (also sells on eBay).  It is the MF1500.  See
http://www.minford.ca/ (I have not used this product, if anyone can comment
on its performance with the Reflock II, that would be most helpful to the
group).  I am working on a ByteBlasterMV clone as a kit as well.  I'll try
and get more information about it on the list right away.

The PC program is called the Quartus II Web Edition and you can download it
from the Altera web site (http://www.altera.com).  It is free.  I will write
up a proceedure on how to use it to program the Reflock II.

I hope this helps people get started.  Please ask away all your questions,
preferably in this list.  I'll answer a quickly as possible.  And get all
you questions documention the manual.


- Steve, N7HPR
 (n7hpr at tapr.org)

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