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[time-freq] Reflock II observations

BOBBY ba at bobby.net
Sun Nov 20 23:53:21 UTC 2005

Hi Peter,

Yes indeed more fun than should be allowed by law.
I downloaded the Quartus II programmer program at the same time as the Quartus II web edition,
didn't end up using it but at 40MB it is much smaller than Quartus II at 240MB.

Both programs had the ByteblasterMV as an option as well as the Byteblaster II, it was the
oringinal model Byteblaster that wasn't shown as an option.

As I said earlier the Byteblaster clone powered at 4.5V Vcc appeared to work fine, based on
Quartus II saying it was able to verify. Which by the way makes me wonder how Steve's
clone would be able to properly signal the PC ports logic for veirfication. I read something
about one model of the programming adapters having a DC/DC converter. Wonder if that
is used in 2.0V apps ? 

Sorry (really sorry) to hear yours doesn't seem to be working correctly for 10 MHz, as that
is where I plan to use mine. 

Hurry up and find out what is wrong ;>)

Consider just making a solder bridge in place of the 0 jumper. Easier to make and break,
then install the real jumper when the circuit is working.

There is an Rout and Fout shown in the pin file, perhaps you can use these to verify the 
input signal levels are causing the internal device gates to clock. 

73 Bobby k4bga
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