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[time-freq] 1pps from 10MHz for reflock ii

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Tue Apr 4 04:01:45 UTC 2006

 > > *VHDL source* is included in addition to a ready-to-use .pof file.
(No mystery pof files, here.) 
 > If you ever had bothered to ask why I release the pof files and not the
VHDL source I would have replied
 > to you that the codes were developed under a contract and I do have a NDA
signed and that
 > I retained the right to let the ham community use the codes in the form
of object files or pof
 > files but not the source code. 
I did ask after the sources in January
(http://lists.tapr.org/pipermail/time-freq/2006-January/000040.html), at
which point you said, obliquely, "the VHDL files were not released yet"
I assumed at the time it was a cathedral versus bazaar situation, but now it
is clear that you won't/can't release the source files.  That's OK -- I have
made my living similarly at times so I get it -- but it would have been good
to know from the start that the sources wouldn't be released.
The bottom line is that if we want the entire design to be truly open, we
need to re-create your work from scratch so that the design can be shared
and improved upon in an open fashion.
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