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[time-freq] Reflock II N divisor question for 10 MHz ref 114.200MHz Fin

Luis Cupido cupido at mail.ua.pt
Tue Aug 8 11:25:52 UTC 2006

Hi Mike,

For 114.2MHz the configuration is
R=50 >> 100
N=570 >> 100111010

with fcomp=200kHz which is better than 100kHz for loop performance
and will allow a wider loop filter etc.

Luis Cupido.

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  Subject: [time-freq] Reflock II N divisor question for 10 MHz ref 114.200MHz Fin

  I am working on the Reflock II board using a 10-MHz reference.  That being the case it appears I need to load the r2_flex_01.pof file.  I did that and now it comes to setting the jumpers.  The "txt" file shows 3-bits are used for the R divisor so I set 000 for 100 KHz.  For N I think I have a problem.  The frequency I need is 114.2 MHz.  That would be N = 1141 considering the N+1.  From the txt file it looks like only 10-bits are being used.  If so, the highest I can go is 1023 + 1 = 102.400 MHz?  


  To test out my understanding of the jumpers I set N to 1017 which locked the VCO at 101.800 MHz.  






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