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[time-freq] 10 MHz FRS-C and GPS 1 PPS Help Needed

Bobby ba at bobby.net
Wed Aug 16 01:39:00 UTC 2006

Help. I've reached the point where this is becoming more of a learning
experience than I have time for or interest in. I'm pretty sure I'm close
but something is eluding me (besides documentation...).

I have a Reflock II, PWB Rev 1 2005-06-28
Programmed with r2_enhpps_20_1.pof dated 11/23/2005

Inputs are 10 MHz from a Rubidium FRS osc.
1 PPS ( 200 us at 3V, 800 us at 0V ) from M12 timing GPS. 

I have a 3V 100 ns pulse every 100 us on fout, pin 73 (probably a clue here)
I have a 3V pulse that tracks 1pps input, 200 us 3V, 800 us 0V. on rout, pin 74

LED1 stays on all the time, even with no 1pps or 10 MHz input.
LED2 blinks off for 1 second, stays on solid for 15 seconds, and repeats.

All N & R dividers are pulled up except R0 which is pulled down.

The Rubidium freq was recently set with a lab cesium, so I don't
plan to connect the vtune to the osc until I'm pretty sure all the bugs
are out of my reflock board.

73 Bobby k4bga

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