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[time-freq] Still not there.

Bobby ba at bobby.net
Sat Aug 19 22:41:52 UTC 2006

Hi Luis,

I've loaded the 30_1 version, but not really much difference.

LED1 still stays on all the time.
LED2 now flashes off once every 8 seconds (every few times it waits 15) of so instead of every 15 before.

The reflockII tune voltage still jumps above the 2 V level (coincides with led2 flashing off) and drifts back down in
about 0.1V increments each second until it either reaches or passes through the 2V level. Sometimes
it will smooth out slightly for a few seconds around the 2v level, but then jumps again to about 2.5V 
when the 8 (or 15 seconds are up). 
If I choose instead to place the jumper at PD_I instead of PD_N the direction of the steps just reverses,
everything else remains the same. 

The 2V level is significant only in that is the tuning voltage my Rb osc is at when it outputs 10000000
(without the reflock connected) .

I just changed R22 to 39K and it swings a full volt above the 2V level, but no other change. 
Perhaps I'm going the wrong way and this is changing too fast for the loop, and a large RC to integrate
the steps into much slower (or smoother) rate of tuning change is the ticket. Hard to see 8 seconds as
too fast though.

Trivia: If I turn off the Rb osc, the reflock tune voltage rails high. Any help there ?

Any suggestions ?

73 Bobby   k4bga
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