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[time-freq] general reflock II questions

John Scherer jscherer at schererzoo.com
Tue Aug 22 22:53:14 UTC 2006

I'm thinking of purchasing a reflock II board but I wanted to ask  
some questions first.  I have a rockwell jupiter GPS module that I  
want to use to discipline my Isotemp 10 MHz OCXO.  I know I can do  
this with the Reflock II but without documentation or examples to  
guide, I am feeling a bit lost.

1) Do I need anything special to use it with a OCXO vs VCXO.

2) The only connection to the GPS is the 1PPS signal, correct?

3) I'm assuming you program it over the jtag connector?
      3a) What do I need to program it
      3b) Looking at the config files I assume I use the  
r2_enhpps_30_1 files, correct?

Any help would be great!



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