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[time-freq] Re: TADD Cabinet Power Connector

Stan Salek ssalek at h-e.com
Thu Aug 24 00:47:43 UTC 2006

Hello John,

Thanks for your replies to my TADD enclosure questions.

Please correct me if my observation is not right:  I took a look at  
the Digikey catalog Page 309 and also downloaded the spec sheet  
directly from the Switchcraft web site for the Model 712A power  
jack.  Taking a close look at the threaded part (not the body  
dimensions), that jack has a 5/16-inch (0.3125 inch or 7.94 mm) by 32  
TPI thread, but the data sheet shows an option of using a 3/8-inch  
(0.375-inch or 9.53 mm) hole if fiber insulating shoulder washers are  
also used.  I don't think you had that in mind.  The "smaller" Radio  
Shack jacks, like Part No. 274-1582, are specified to fit a 21/64- 
inch (0.328-inch or 8.33 mm) hole, so they are essentially equivalent  
to the Switchcraft types that you specified.  They fit loosely in the  
provided hole but could be made to work using washers.

FYI, the "larger" Radio Shack 274-1563 coaxial power connector is  
specified to fit a 7/16-inch (0.4375-inch or 11.1 mm) hole, probably  
too big for this enclosure.

Sorry to take up your time with a nit-picky issue, but its something  
that you may wish to take another look at for the next run of boxes.


Stan NJ6E

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