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[time-freq] Re: TADD Cabinet Power Connector

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Thu Aug 24 13:04:13 UTC 2006

Stan Salek wrote:
> Hello John,
> Thanks for your replies to my TADD enclosure questions.
> Please correct me if my observation is not right:  I took a look at the 
> Digikey catalog Page 309 and also downloaded the spec sheet directly 
> from the Switchcraft web site for the Model 712A power jack.  Taking a 
> close look at the threaded part (not the body dimensions), that jack has 
> a 5/16-inch (0.3125 inch or 7.94 mm) by 32 TPI thread, but the data 
> sheet shows an option of using a 3/8-inch (0.375-inch or 9.53 mm) hole 
> if fiber insulating shoulder washers are also used.  I don't think you 
> had that in mind.  The "smaller" Radio Shack jacks, like Part No. 
> 274-1582, are specified to fit a 21/64-inch (0.328-inch or 8.33 mm) 
> hole, so they are essentially equivalent to the Switchcraft types that 
> you specified.  They fit loosely in the provided hole but could be made 
> to work using washers.
> FYI, the "larger" Radio Shack 274-1563 coaxial power connector is 
> specified to fit a 7/16-inch (0.4375-inch or 11.1 mm) hole, probably too 
> big for this enclosure.
> Sorry to take up your time with a nit-picky issue, but its something 
> that you may wish to take another look at for the next run of boxes.

No apologies necessary, Stan.  That's really helpful input.  To be
honest, I haven't used coaxial connectors with my own TADDs (to avoid
unexpected disconnections, I use a short pigtail to go from the Molex
connector to PowerPoles), so I was trying to come up with a generic
solution, and the 3/8 inch hole seemed like a reasonable compromise.

I'll definitely include this information in some sort of note to
accompany the enclosure, and we'll see if we can figure out a better
solution for the next run.


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