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[time-freq] Is an FRS Rb suitable for the ReflockII ?

ba at bobby.net ba at bobby.net
Wed Aug 30 01:01:20 UTC 2006

I have been thinking this configuration over a little more (perhaps better late than never). 
The frequency tuning range of the FRS Rb osc is only +/- 1E-9 min, over a 17 V range, 
and has a 10 sec Tau of 3E-11.

With this in mind how much steering is going to available to "lock" to a GPS (even an M12+) ?

Any opinions ?

73 Bobby 

>From your description it really looks that
what you think it is the exact 10.000 it is not.

Luis, Hard to believe the Cs tuned Rb osc is not really at 10,000,000.??? Hz.

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